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Larry Bell
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Larry Bell (Lawrence R. Bell) is a graduate of Rice University and a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU). He is a nationally recognized expert on indexed universal life insurance (IUL), having collaborated with actuaries at several carriers. He also has Celebrating 50 Years in the insurance businessworked as a consultant for numerous life insurance advisors.  Mr. Bell recently celebrated 53 years since first entering the insurance business. Over that span, he has been a Life Member of The Million Dollar Round Table. Larry has won national sales awards - both individually and for the agency he has owned. In 2016, he was the second leading producer nationally in life insurance sales for a prominent carrier. In 2017, he was a top twenty producer for another.

A number of advisors that Larry has helped to train have also gone on to great success. Larry continues to specialize primarily in life insurance, disability protection, and long term care solutions. Indexed universal life has become a valuable tool in providing alternative and supplemental retirement solutions, as well as an alternative for certain college savings plans. He also specializes in such business solutions as Buy-Sell Funding, Key Person Insurance, Executive Retention Plans, and Deferred Compensation.

Mr. Bell's ideal client is a business owner or an individual who is a high earner or has a large estate. However, Larry also enjoys working with young people in hopes of helping them establish sound financial habits early in life - addressing risk while also benefiting from having a long lifetime ahead of most of them for compound interest to work its wonders.

Most of Mr. Bell's career has been spent in Houston, Texas, but he also advises a number of clients remotely with the help of today's electronic communication capabilities. His wife, Anne, specializes in the group insurance side of the business, as well as long term care. Larry also partners with other professionals that provide legal and tax advice, as well as investments.

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