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Legacy Planning

Legacy planning is directing our assets after we are gone to the right places  to do the most good. Most people are vain enough to want there to be a permanent impact of our having lived on this earth. This desire may be manifested in a number of ways:
  • Providing for family, such as a spouse, children, grandchildren.
  • Ensuring that our business, which is after all our life's work, can continue after we cease to run it on a daily basis. This can involve Succession Planning and the Business Valuation process.
  • Contributing to charities that do good works in this world. Contact us about ways to "have your cake and eat it too". It is possible to see your charitable money do good things while you are still around to see the results, while at the same time maintain an undiminished legacy for your family.
  • Minimizing taxes.
  • Avoiding having to sell the business or other assets at an inopportune time.


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